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In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


Let's be honest, whether you buy a printer, a USB key, a hard drive, a telephone or even any other digital device on the internet or from us the products will be the same. Some resellers will tell you that the same product is better in their store, be aware that this is a lie.

But there is one exception, and that is your windows computer. And yes, all PCs (under Windows only) are sold already infected. Surprising, isn't it? But how is this possible? You should know that each manufacturer and / or reseller has partnerships with dozens of software (such as Avast, Norton, ...).


For example, manufacturers disable windows anti-virus to install another (less powerful) anti-virus that is free for a short time, and after this period your computer is no longer protected. This is why we prepare the computers we sell ourselves. We install Windows directly in our store, in order to avoid the malware overlay. We install and configure the basic software (such as Word, AlZip, VLC, ...) to ensure the proper functioning of your PC. We also take care of installing the latest updates, creating a system restore point, inserting your saved data, ...